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New Building Project – Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a possibility of keeping the old gymnasium?

Keeping the current high school gymnasium is simply not feasible. There are multiple reasons,

but most importantly, the renovation money approved by the voters did not include keeping the

gymnasium; the bond issue included demolition of the gymnasium. The voters did approve a

LFI (locally funded initiative) to enlarge the gym space in both gyms in the new building.

Currently, the district has only one full size court in which teams can practice (the middle/junior

high school gymnasium is not full size); the new building will have three full size courts which

teams will be able to utilize. Furthermore, the current high school gymnasium and locker rooms

would need to be renovated (new heating system, floor and roof).

Perhaps the most expensive aspect of keeping the gym is enclosing the exterior walls that

would surround it. Currently, where the building is being separated, there is a 60’ wall/hallway

that will need to be constructed to enclose the building. Keeping the gym would add at least a

minimum of another 240’ of wall/hallway that would need to be constructed to enclose the


Where will the two buildings be connected? When will this happen?

The new building will be connected at the natatorium back entrance. Currently there is a single

door; this will be made into a double door entrance. The new building will sit 30 feet from the

existing building. A corridor will be constructed to connect the two about a year after we move

into the new building. The old building will be demolished and we will then re-claim that space to

create the new parking area.

Why are there no computer lab spaces planned in the new building?

The new building will be a state-of-the-art facility. The district currently functions on a 1:1

student-computer ratio all the way down to grade 2. Computer labs are something of the past,

and those spaces can be used for other expanded learning areas. This is a great thing!

Currently, all classrooms have a technology cart in their rooms, which teachers and the librarian

utilize to integrate technology into their daily lessons.

What are the plans with the space that the district is keeping?

District offices will be move to the current high school office. This will include office space for

the superintendent, treasurer, administrative assistant, payroll, Director of Instruction, and EMIS

coordinator. We also hope to include a room to hold board meetings, as well as a community

room. An expanded weight room and the community’s Fitness Center will also need to be

moved into that part of the building. That part of the building will also house the pre-school

classroom and possibly a room the district could use to hold community enrichment classes.

The district is open to suggestions.

Two ball fields are being displaced. What is the plan for recovering those?

One of the ball fields was always going to be removed. This was part of the plan from

beginning. One of the fields will be moved so that it sits beside the varsity softball field. The

road that leads to the football stadium will be moved to the South to allow space for replacing

one of the ball diamonds. In addition, we are also looking at space to create a smaller T-ball


What is the time line on the building project?

Ground breaking and early site work (building pad) will be this Fall 2016. In early Spring 2017

the construction process will begin. The existing building will remain in tact throughout the

duration of construction project. Construction is scheduled to be completed Spring 2018 while

the move into the new building will be Summer 2018. The Grand Opening for the new building

is scheduled for Fall 2018.

Where will the children’s playground be located?

The temporary playground will be located on the south side of the natatorium. The grassy area

between the high school and natatorium, as well as some of the South parking lot, will provide

the children with a nice area to play. The district will relocate some of the playground

equipment if possible. The whole area will be fenced in with the exterior walls of the building

serving as a barrier.

How is the drop-off for the new school going to differ from the current building?

The drop-off design of the new school is a large one-way, double-lane, U-shaped drive. This

allows for an inside lane for parents to park and pick-up or drop off their students and an outside

lane for traffic to continue exiting the parking area.

How will colors and appearances be chosen?

Community involvement will be key. There will be different committees set up in the future as

construction progresses.

How did the district come up with this layout and design?

Many new school buildings have been toured, including schools designed by the district’s

architect. Community members, board members, administrators, and staff were present during

the tours. Throughout the tours, pictures were taken and feedback was given. The

administration and architects met with every staff member of the district to get input on the

design as well. There are also many physical limits because of the need to build on our existing

site and continue to use our existing building while constructing the new one.

What will the seating be like in the gymnasium?

We are still looking into seating for the gymnasium. We know it is of great importance to the

community to look into having seats with backs and maybe arms. Although the option is

definitely being explored, a lot of it depends on the budget.

Has the flooring be chosen?

The bond issue that was passed included funds for terrazzo flooring on the first floor in the

main hallways and common dining area. Other flooring for classrooms has not yet been


Will the new building have all new furnishings? What will happen to the old furnishing?

A majority of the furnishings will be new. If something is in good shape, it could be used in

the new building. Furnishings not being used will be auctioned off to the community.

Are new lockers for the pool and seats in the auditorium a part of the renovation plans?

Most of that will be not be able to be determined until we know the cost of enclosing the

old building at the demolition point. Utilities, technology, and heating will all need to be reconnected.

Regardless, the district is interesting in planning the renovation of both the

pool locker room and the seating in the auditorium.