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Swim Lessons


Summer Swim Lessons will be offered on the dates listed below. Registration will be Tuesday, May 25, 2021 for Ayersville Residents from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Out of District sign up will be Thursday, May 27, 2021 from 4:30-6:30 pm.Resident cost will be $26.00 per child and non-district cost will be $31.00 per child. Registration will be located in the Old High School Cafeteria.


Lesson Registration Procedures:


Entrance will be at the pool sidewalk leading up from the South parking lot (lot for bus garage). This is the traditional path to the pool for public swim events.


Sign up in the cafeteria will lend itself to maintaining social distancing. Registrants would enter through the POOL ENTRANCE doors (number 29), take a left turn and follow the signs where you will be guided by a staff member in sequence to take the next position in the Cafeteria Area. We ask that you follow social distancing protocol as you proceed to the registration area. There will be one table with assigned classes for lesson registration. After completing registration, please proceed to the exit area through (door number28). There will be a staff member to guide you if you need assistance to the exit area.




1st Session-June 7-June 18

9:05–9:50 a.m.- Beginner Level II and Level III

10:05-10:50 a.m.- Pre-Beginner, Beginner Level II

11:05–11:50 a.m.-Pre-Beginner and Beginner Level II

2nd Session-June 21-July 2

9:05–9:50 a.m.-Beginner Level II and Level III

10:05-10:50 a.m.-Pre-Beginner and Beginner Level II

11:05–11:50 a.m.-Pre-Beginner and Beginner Level II

Actual Lesson Day Procedures:


Please use the long sidewalk and enter door 29 to gain access to the pool hallway. Please do not enter the pool area or building until 8:55 a.m. for the first class at 9:05 a.m. Please wait in the hallway to proceed until a staff member permits admission to the pool area


It will be recommended that all adult staff and workers wear a mask when feasible. Swimmers are encouraged to wear a mask arriving and leaving. We encourage that one swimmer come in with one adult unless there are more than one swimmer under the age of six which we would allow a second adult in the pool area. Please, all other family members and friends stay in your car or in the surrounding outdoor area.

Swimmers come in suits and leave in suits (locker rooms for restroom use only). No using lockers or showers.

Equipment:  we will restrict or eliminate the use of pool equipment during lessons to keep exposure to a minimum.



  • Do not come in if you are sick with symptoms such as, fever, cough, chills, shortness of breath, muscle pain, loss of taste or smell.
  • Maintaining social distancing of 6 feet between people.
  • Washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as frequently as possible or using hand sanitizer.
  • Covering coughs or sneezes (INTO THE SLEEVE OR ELBOW, NOT HANDS)
  • Regularly cleaning high- touch surfaces
  • No hand shaking
  • Have you been in contact with someone known or presumed to have COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
  • We are sorry, but if you answer “yes “to any of these questions you cannot be in the pool area.